BIG wheels, BIG Power, BIG Air... BIG Patch, and BIG Improvements! Our first post-launch patch is here on PC and shortly will follow on consoles.

We've taken on-board loads of community focused feedback and implemented it into a game for you! With a BIG list of updates, we've tweaked the game to improve the experience for everyone.

We'd like to take this moment to thank everyone who purchased and played MTC, your feedback has been invaluable and we are dedicated to bring you a totally awesome Monster Truck Experience.

The full list of improvements:

  • IMPROVED AI at the beginning of the race, reduces multiple collisions during start.
  • IMPROVED Force Feedback for all steering wheels
  • FIXED Camera target point in the camera back view (Increases the feeling of suspension movement). Fixed camera jitters when using the launch pad while in cockpit view
  • FIXED Vehicle reset function (sometimes the vehicle was spawned in wrong place)
  • ADDED Customized glaze color in pearlescent car paint
  • FIXED Start Grid Too Close - crazy starts
  • FIXED Multiplayer Round End Timer too short (Increased to 30s)
  • FIXED Rumble Feature with Controller and Wheel plugged in
  • FIXED Getting stuck on the back wheels is too easy and too difficult to correct (stuck on the back wheels is very rare after fixes)
  • FIXED Florida Stadium roof clipping
  • FIXED Oldschool driver Achievement
  • FIXED Minor linguistic fixes
  • FIXED Minor menu fixes, improvements: Animation, sizes
  • FIXED Event not unlocking with correct points
  • Textures color correction in all levels
  • Sometimes destructible objects are not be destroyed after collision.
  • Steering wheel not in the center of cockpit view.
  • Last lap / Best lap / Personal best on HUD
  • Camera mode, hiding UI in garage for making screenshots
  • More details in some levels: objects, ground, sky
  • Improving lights, post-processing of most of the levels
  • Improved AI behavior on higher difficulty settings (AI opponents are harder to beat now)
  • Added possibility to change exterior camera FoV in gameplay options
  • Added possibility to change voice language in gameplay options
  • Added grain effect with a possibility to enable / disable it in gameplay options
  • Fixed issue where in some situations truck levitated over the ground
  • Fixed problem with proximity indicators not being displayed in 4k resolution
  • Fixed some problems with announcer saying wrong lines in some cases
  • Added some minor optimization to network synchronization algorithm so trucks move smoother when playing online
  • ADDED Logitech Wheels TrueForce support
  • ADDED Selection of display in game settings.
  • FIXED support of unusual resolutions
  • IMPROVED* Support of controllers from different producers plugged to separate USB: Wheels, pedals, shifters
  • ADDED Motion blur effect at the high speed
  • ADDED Increasing dirt on the front window in cockpit view

Phew! That was a big list, and as ever we are interested in hearing your feedback on this update, especially wheel compatibility. So what are you waiting for? GET AFTER IT! The patch is available to download now (around 1.5GB). Consoles will follow shortly!