An exclusive look at RoboCop: Rogue City’s technology collaboration with Intel to optimize the game for bulletproof gameplay.

RoboCop's iconic status owes much to his advanced technological features. To leverage cutting-edge gaming technology, Teyon worked with Intel to enhance RoboCop: Rogue City, ensuring seamless gameplay. Directors Piotr Łatocha and Piotr Derkowski, along with Teyon's CEO Michał Tatka, and Florent Naigeon from the game's publisher Nacon, shared how their collaboration brought to life the fantasy of delivering justice in-game.

Their collective efforts aim to immerse players in the experience of embodying RoboCop, feeling as though they're walking in his metallic footsteps. Merely defeating adversaries doesn't fully capture the complex ethical landscape of RoboCop's world, where maintaining order involves more than just firepower. While the game does feature thrilling combat sequences that showcase Alex Murphy's robotic prowess, RoboCop: Rogue City offers a deeper dive into his character through detective missions, patrolling the streets, a detailed RPG-style skill enhancement system, and narrative-driven conversations with original voice actors, effectively narrowing the divide between film and gaming experiences.

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