Monster Truck Championship has been previewed to media outlets on Gamescom 2020. Read what journalists have to say about the game.

Gamescom 2020, Europe’s biggest games event, was successfully implemented in digital form, and many publishers and developers introduced their titles and released news. Teyon and Nacon also had exclusive presentations to media outlets, introducing our upcoming title Monster Truck Championship. Below you can find selected opinions.

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"(...) from what little I’ve played of Monster Truck Championship, I can already tell it’s going to be better than anything that’s come before it. (...) I’ve honestly been pleasantly surprised by Monster Truck Championship. After all the terrible monster truck games released in the past, I hoped it was going to be good but I tempered my expectations, just in case. And while I haven’t been able to try its campaign mode, or go in-depth with its customisation system, I’m optimistic that it’s going to actually be a good, if not great, game. It looks nice and has a nice variety of events, but most importantly, it controls well."

by Richard Seagrave

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One thing it absolutely captures is the wild bounciness of a monster truck’s suspension and the four gigantic tyres. The motion of the cab under heavy braking and when bobbling over the terrain maybe isn’t quite as dramatic as you might expect from watching monster truck events on YouTube, but there’s a definite floatiness to the truck handling that would be despised in any other racing game, but feels spot on in Monster Truck Championship.

by Stefan L

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Developed by Teyon, Monster Truck Championship is the first game in the industry to integrate realistic physics, a difference that should appeal to the five million fans of this extreme motorsport, particularly popular in North America. (...) The graphics looks good, offering well-animated and modeled vehicles, pieces of which come off during races (but none can lose a wheel). Immersion is great thanks to commentary that attempts to stick to live events, as well as music that pairs perfectly with the monstrosity of these vehicles.

by Onidra

Also, check out a few minutes of gameplay below, put together by the author. - Read more

Developer Teyon wants to make Monster Truck Championship a realistic game around monster trucks and it succeeds quite well, at least if we have to rely on our limited preview. The game is not full of frills, but it does give you the feeling that you are really at the wheel of a monster truck.

by YONIVL - Read more

We remain curious to see what the game will offer in its final version, but this preview version is a rather nice note of intent that makes us discover a new world. Without being a revolution, Monster Truck Championship at least has the merit of offering an atypical car game, a bit like Wreckfest in its desire to offer a relatively deep and demanding game while remaining immediately fun. We'd like to play it again when it comes out.

by Hachim0n

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Last but not least, we'd like to share with you a video preview by SLAPTrain, a popular Canadian YouTuber with over 2mln subs! In short. SLAPTrain loves our game! Watch the full commentary video below.

Monster Truck Championship will launch on PS4, Xbox One and PC on October 15th, and a Nintendo Switch release will follow in November.