Let's check what is under the hood of RENNSPORT. Here's a summary of what is coming up in 2024 - fresh content, features, and beta keys!

The anticipation for updates has been building, and we're thrilled to announce that RENNSPORT is charging into 2024 with a bang.

What's in store? We've crafted a comprehensive roadmap for 2024, pinpointing our goals across various areas. This roadmap is just the beginning; we plan to expand it with additional content and a few surprises to keep things interesting. There's much to look forward to!

Moving on to the version 1.8 update, we're enhancing RENNSPORT with the addition of a new track, a new vehicle, and several exciting features to elevate your gaming experience:

  • Porsche Mission R
  • Goodwood Hillclimb
  • Time Trials
  • Dynamic Day and Night Cycle
  • Lock to Horizon
  • Expanded Features and Content.

The Porsche Mission R, our latest car addition, is designed to conquer the demanding Goodwood Hillclimb. Challenge yourself, friends, or the top names on the leaderboard to see if you can secure a top position. Don't miss out on trying to surpass our development team's best lap times!

Time Trials have been introduced for all tracks, featuring individual leaderboards per car model. This is your chance to refine your racing technique and compete against the ghosts of other players.

Additionally, we're rolling out a Day and Night cycle, starting with night-time racing at Spa Francorchamps, bringing an exciting new layer to gameplay that we believe you'll love.

A significant number of keys will be released every Thursday starting April 4th. More keys translate to more players and ultimately, more thrilling races!

Sign up here for a beta key: