We are excited to announce that Terminator: Resistance - Complete Edition is coming to Xbox Series X|S physically and digitally on October 27, 2023!

This complete package bundles an enhanced version of Terminator: Resistance, the officially licensed first-person shooter set in the Terminator universe, the Annihilation Line Narrative Expansion starring Kyle Reese, and Infiltrator Mode, where players get the chance to take control of the iconic T-800 series Infiltrator unit.


  • Terminator: Resistance Reloaded - Report for duty once again as Resistance soldier Jacob Rivers and experience the events leading up to the decisive, final battle for the fate of mankind in the war against the machines!
  • Annihilation Line - Fight shoulder-to-shoulder with iconic Resistance hero Kyle Reese in the Annihilation Line Narrative Expansion, included in the Complete Edition and never before released on Xbox consoles.
  • Infiltrator Mode - Get under the skin of the T-800 series Infiltrator and eliminate anything standing in your way with the included Infiltrator Mode.
  • I’ll Be Back…And Better Than Ever - Post-apocalyptic Pasadena has never looked better in this enhanced Terminator: Resistance experience, optimized for Xbox Series X|S. Return to battle with improved framerates, higher graphical fidelity, and faster load times!

Check out the Announcement Trailer below.

In addition to the Standard Edition of Terminator: Resistance - Complete Edition, a Collector’s Edition will also be available at select retailers, which comes with a SteelBook®, Mini Hardcover Comic, a Collector’s Box and five A6 Postcards featuring beautiful illustrations of your fellow comrades. This includes a postcard with never-before-seen artwork of Jessica Baron, tough-as-nails Commander of the Resistance South Division.

On September 27, 2023, a month before the release of the Complete Edition, a free digital upgrade will be made available on Xbox Series X|S for those who own Terminator: Resistance on Xbox One.* This upgrade includes an enhanced version of Terminator: Resistance and Infiltrator Mode, both optimized to take advantage of the power of the Xbox Series X|S hardware.

* Not available to users who own Terminator: Resistance physically and own an Xbox Series S disc-free console.

Fans who own Terminator: Resistance on Xbox One or Xbox Series X|S will also be able to purchase Terminator: Resistance - Complete Edition at a discounted price of £11.99 / €14.49 / $14.49 via the Microsoft Store upon release on October 27, 2023.**

** Not available to users who own Terminator: Resistance physically and own an Xbox Series S disc-free console. Pricing may vary between regions.

For more information on Terminator: Resistance - Complete Edition, visit www.terminatorvideogame.com.

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'THE TERMINATOR' was released in 1984 and is widely regarded as a science-fiction classic, launching a beloved franchise that has been expanded on via a variety of media and further movies. A humanoid cyborg from a future dominated by machines is sent back in time to kill the mother of the as-yet-unborn rebel leader John Connor. Meanwhile, the rebels also select an agent to travel back in time and stop the Terminator, thereby ensuring that events follow their pre-ordained course.

‘T2: JUDGMENT DAY’ was released in 1991 and was an immediate worldwide box office success. Continuing the tale, T2 remains at its heart a classic science fiction tale featuring robots running amok, time travel paradoxes and dystopian future worlds. Opening to huge fanfare, T2 went on to become one of the highest-grossing, Academy Award winning, and most culturally iconic science fiction motion-pictures of all time.

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